The North State consortium has seven participants. One of the participants is a SME, three are research and development organizations, and three are universities. Thus, the whole chain from the basic research to professional product delivery capabilities is available within the consortium.

In short, the expertise of each beneficiary and their added value in the consortium:

  • VTT as the coordinator has a history for the development of satellite borne methods for forest inventory from the early 1970’s. It is thus one of the pioneers in this application area globally. The optical and radar based image processing expertise has been applied on the mapping of pan-European forests for over a decade. VTT also provide software expertise to the consortium and has good contacts to every other beneficiary in the consortium.
  • University of Helsinki is expert on forest and ecology models. The large research facility provides comprehensive understanding about forests and forest sciences overall. The research on quantitative forest ecology and ecosystem carbon balances by the Department of Forest Sciences, the beneficiary of the project, was ranked among the best in Europe.
  • University of Sheffield has applied earth observation techniques under Prof. Shaun Quegan on several ecological topics. Its task is to provide the scientific basis for understanding the role of terrestrial ecosystems in the carbon and cycles, and particularly to exploit EO data in order to reduce the uncertainties in the terrestrial carbon budget. Together with University of Helsinki, the University of Sheffield provides a solid basis for the ecosystem modelling in the project.
  • Northern Research Institute Tromso AS has world class expertise on earth observation and information technology. The main contribution from Norut to the project is the expertise on UAVs for remote sensing purposes. In addition to the UAVs, the Norut research team has expertise about hyperspectral data processing. This expertise forms a fundamental block of the projects expertise.
  • Simosol oy is a privately held SME in Finland. Simosol provides software development expertise to the project. The company has focused for several years on developing decision support solutions for forest sector. In addition, Simosol has potential future role in exploitation actions.
  • Institute of Biology of Komi Science Centre has expertise about biological resources, their protection and rational use. Their research, spanning already for decades, provides the consortium knowledge about the nature and forests in European Northeast of Russia.
  • University of Iceland has world-class expertise in remote sensing applications and image processing techniques, such as feature extraction and classifications. The main contribution from Haskoli Islands to the consortium is for the time-series analysis. Together with VTT and Norut, the Haskoli Islands form the core of the remote sensing expertise in the consortium.

More information about the North State consortium can be found in CORDIS.

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